The Tabletop Reel
Here is my latest tabletop reel. Enjoy!
A Matter of Taste
A Matter of Taste is a project created within a small group of friends (who happen to be top proffesionals) to try some ideas and show a different approach to tabletop films.
It's another one for Rollton, Saatchi&Saatchi Kiev, PSB films and Ukraine!
Pure Food
Here is a selection of my food commercials.
Live Action Films
Here is a selection of my work with actors.
I have travelled three times to Ukraine to work with the same wonderful team
of client - Rollton, agency - Saatchi&Saatchi Kiev and studio - PSB films.
I guess it is a success story.
Looking forward for the next episode.
About Me

Hi, my name is Bartek Świerczyński, but to keep things simple let's just stick to Bartek.

I am a Polish film director. I also work as a DOP. I have over 20 years of experience of working in the advertising industry.
I started as an online artist and liked it a lot. I have spent countless hours with top creatives and directors
doing the final touches to our films.
I even got some awards... 
but at some point it was obvious it's time to move on with my professional life.

I combined the love for good food :) with the passion for creating beautiful images.
Soon I had a reel of a tabletop specialist and it keeps growing till this day.

I have been trusted by renowned companies to create mouth watering pictures for their commercials.
To name a few: McDonalds, Danone, Tymbark, Wedel, Żywiec, Biedronka, Lorenz...

In recent years I have had the pleasure to work abroad, making films for various markets. Especially the cooperation with Rollton of Ukraine has been very succesful.

In private, I am a great fan of squash. I try to play as much as I can and participate in squash tournaments from time to time. I also write articles about the sport for a website.
I like to say that I might be the best squash player among the directors
and the best director among the squash players -
none of the directors (or the squash players) has proved me wrong so far but I am keen to be challenged. :) 

Tel: +48 602 296 888
Email: [email protected]